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Skin Questions

Q1:This is my first time purchasing BIOEQUA products. How do I choose what's right for me?
In order to provide you with better service and a customized skin care regimen, we suggest that you head to a nearby BIOEQUA store or counter for a personal SHAS skin analysis to determine what's suitable for your skin now.
Q2:Can skin care products help to correct scars and indentations on the skin's surface?

Through the use of ULTRAJET, the particles of the skin care ingredients become dramatically smaller and are more easily absorbed into skin for immediate reparation and replenishment of collagen.

TThis is something that conventional biochemical technology and traditional skin care products simply cannot achieve!

However, indentations in the skin are a result of trauma to the dermis, therefore recovery will require at least 6 months for more visible effects.

Q3:What's the difference between ULTRA, CIBLÉ, EQUA ESSENTIAL and D-TOX & EQUA series?

D-TOX & EQUA series are a sort of light formulae for the comprehensive rejuvenation of skin, and is recommended for first-time users or those under the age of 30. It cleanses your skin of any accumulated waste or toxins, while whitening and illuminating your complexion.

D-TOX & EQUA series provide a surge of moisture for a toning and tightening effect, leaving your skin truly radiant!

EQUA ESSENTIAL series also are a sort of light formulae for the comprehensive skin reparation on entire face, and is recommended for first-time users. It improves the skin elasticity, firming and lifting your face, while whitening and illuminating your complexion.

ULTRA series emphasize intensive skin reparation on entire face. For example, ULTRA series can correct wrinkles, freckles, acne and discoloration, scars, indentations and enlarged pores, as well as improve the skin elasticity, firming and lifting. If your skin has none of these concerns, we recommend simply using D-TOX & EQUA series.

CIBLÉ series focuses on correcting targeted skin imperfections. For example, CIBLÉ series can target and correct wrinkles, freckle, acne and discoloration, scars and indentations.

Q4:My skin has discoloration, wrinkles, and signs of aging. Can I use multiple products at once?

SSkin concerns and product suitability vary from person to person. Following a specialist consultation at any of our BIOEQUA stores/counters, you can apply different products to help you reach the incremental stages of your skin care goal (Use products in proper sequence).

Always remember to use the spray for 1 minute then let skin rest for 2 minutes before continuing with the next ampoule. This will ensure the complete absorption of nutrients into skin.
Q5:I've just undergone laser surgery (intense pulsed light, dermabrasion, hyaluronic acid peel, Botox injections…). Is it safe to use BIOEQUA?

BIOEQUA was originally designed specifically for use by skin recovering from burns or after cosmeceutical procedures.

Our hypoallergenic and highly-absorbable formula not only provides amazing hydration, but also effectively shortens the recovery period while alleviating inflammation and discomfort.

For a consultation, head over to an affiliated hospital or any of our stores/counters.

Q6:Can I use products from another brand in conjunction with BIOEQUA?

The quality and performance of BIOEQUA products is far ahead of other products currently on the market.

For optimal results, we recommend using only the BIOEQUA series of products in order to avoid any potential side effects. If use of products from other brands is unavoidable, remember to apply BIOEQUA first and wait for 10 minutes before following with another product.

Product Questions

Q1:What is the shelf life of BIOEQUA products?

BIOEQUA products contain highly potent active ingredients. We recommend that you finish using our products within the time periods listed below.

  1. D-TOX & EQUA series: 18 months unopened; 2 months after opening.
  2. ULTRA series: 18 months unopened; 7 weeks after opening.
  3. EQUA ESSENTIAL (Cleansing & Defense) series: 3 years unopened; 18 months after opening.
  4. EQUA ESSENTIAL (Treatment) series: 8 months unopened; 7 weeks ~2 months after opening.
  5. CIBLÉ series: 18 months unopened; 7 weeks after opening.
  6. Do not store products at high temperatures or in refrigeration as it may affect the potency of the active ingredients.
Q2:What makes BIOEQUA different from nano-derived skin care products and ultrasonic instruments currently on the market?

Current nano-derived skin care products on the market are in solid form. Although the individual particles are nano-sized, larger particles are formed when these individual nanoparticles come together, losing their original efficacy in the process.

Ultrasonic instruments rely on high speed vibrations, which is ineffective at facilitating product penetration skin's basal layers.

ULTRAJET uses instantaneous liquid state nanotechnology, which transforms skin care nanoparticles that can directly penetrate deep down skin for an immediate restorative effect.
Q3:If my ULTRAJET becomes defective while under warranty, how do I exchange it?

If the product becomes defective under regular use, you can make an exchange by supplying the information below.

  1. Internet: Send an email to our customer service mailbox providing us with the ULTRAJET's barcode number, customer name, mobile phone number, and a description of the defect.
  2. In-store: Please bring your ULTRAJET and warranty card to the original store of purchase.
Q4:Why is my ULTRAJET not functioning properly?

First check:

  1. Whether the ULTRAJET is fully charged.
  2. Whether the vial is properly attached to the ULTRAJET.
  3. Whether the ULTRAJET and the vial need to be cleaned or if there is remnant skin care fluid on its surface.
  4. If none of these are the cause of the problem, speak with a customer service representative online or by phone.
Q5:How do I use the BIOEQUA serums for maximum efficacy?

Similar to regular skin care, use the serums at least once every morning and night to keep your skin hydrated. For use over entire face, spray on in 9 circles (3 rounds x 3 circles each) for approximately 1 minute.

The ULTRAJET will then emit a beeping sound (or time-up voice alarm) to remind you that this is sufficient. If using on targeted areas (such as dark under-eye circles and the lip area), use should be limited to 20 seconds, as overuse may lead to stress on the skin.
Q6:I've just undergone a surgical procedure. Can I use BIOEQUA products?

Surgery results in significant open wounds in the skin, therefore we recommend that you do not use any skin care products at all (including BIOEQUA) for the first 24 hours post-surgery to avoid the possibility of infection or inflammation.

After 24 hours, you can resume the use of skin care products based on the recovery of your skin.
Q7:Is it safe for pregnant women or those with cardiac pacemakers to use BIOEQUA?

Although there have been no such incidences to date, the electrodes in a pacemaker may be affected by the use of ULTRAJET, as it utilizes an iontophoretic system of ion exchange.

Similarly, as there are tremendous changes to a woman's physical composition during pregnancy, we recommend temporarily stopping product use to avoid any discomfort.
Q8:The atomized spray from the ULTRAJET has become larger than usual. Is this normal?

Check for the following (or check with MAINTENANCE section):

  1. Vial docking positioning: Check that the vial has been firmly pressed down to the bottom for normal operation.
  2. Equipment cleanliness: Is there any dirt or moisture within the ULTRAJET 's silver protective shield, white space (donut) between connecting ring and protective shield, or the vial holding chamber? If so, wipe away with a clean paper towel.
Q9:How do I care for my ULTRAJET?

To prolong the life of your ULTRAJET, we recommend that you remove the vial and disconnect the ULTRAJET Basic from its power source immediately after use.

Always be sure to store it in a horizontal position.

Do remember to keep charging the ULTRAJET mobile from time to time.
Q10:Why does sometimes my skin have a minor stinging, tingly feeling while using ULTRAJET?

Our product works on the scientific principle of negative and positive ion exchange.

This process releases minute amounts of electrical currents, which may lead to the slight stinging sensation that you feel.

The amount of electricity released is minimal, so rest assured that the product is completely safe to use!
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