BIOEQUA firmly believes that balanced, self-reparative skin care is an extremely effective process and over time, the positive changes will be reflected in the quality of your skin.


It began with an unexpected discovery in an emergency burn care unit. BIOEQUA researchers were surprised to learn that the application of nanospray technology allowed for liquid medication to be nanonized (made extremely small) and delivered directly to skin's basal layer, providing immediate absorption and reparative effect.

After further exploration, researchers also discovered how nanospray technology can be further integrated into skin care products through the principle of iontophoresis, which sees negatively charged atomized particles added to the nanonized skin care product.

Since the human body is positively charged, this process promotes the exchange of ions, allowing skin care nutrients to effectively penetrate down to skin's basal layers for immediate therapeutic effects.

While traditional skin care only works on the skin's surface, BIOEQUA delivers skin care nutrients deep into the skin's layers for true therapeutic effects.


In 2003, after observing burn treatment procedures, BIOEQUA discovered that ULTRAJET is able to instantaneously transform medication into extremely small nanoparticles, which penetrate deep to skin's dermal layer, where they repair cellular damage.

In 2004, BIOEQUA researchers collaborate with Multisen Inc., inventors of ULTRAJET, and develop the integration of skin care products and nanospray technology.

In 2005, BIOEQUA Clinical is founded, and BIOEQUA becomes a top post treatment recommendation of American dermatologists.

In 2006, BIOEQUA products are officially launched in Asia, where 8 million bottles of spray are quickly sold across the continent.

In 2012, BIOEQUA researchers make another discovery when they notice that two lab samples, from a stem cell broth, contained highly active formulas that are easily absorbed by Asian skin. BIOEQUA then developed D-tox & Equa series for better effectiveness in a subtropical climate.

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